Thursday, July 24, 2008

Osama Bin Laden is alive and well!!!!

Hassan Ibrahim from al-Jazeera television recently told independent journalist Kristina Borjesson "bin Laden is alive. The kidney failure and dialysis machine stories are nonsense, CIA rumors. In 2002 one of his wives was interviewed for a Saudi magazine and she categorically denied the dialysis story. After Tora Bora [in Afghanistan when the US invaded in 2001], his fourth wife asked for a divorce. He took on a new wife in April 2005, with whom he now has a son. Her father is a powerful Saudi businessman from Hejaz who announced in his mosque that his daughter had married bin Laden."

There's also chatter in the jihadi underground related to an ongoing theological debate with direct participation by bin Laden.

Al-Qaeda's got a brand new bag By Pepe Escobar

Sure! But this is all hear-say. In any case, the CIA are faking his videos whenever they have a need to distract from damaging news.

Formerly white beard... now coloured in a new video where OBL is just a few minutes animated and 90% still photo?

2007 Osama Bin Laden Video

watch it and see analysis of video fake

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