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1967 Israel attacked Arabs! YES!

Eliminate Hamas

The Press; January 30, 2008 .....solution? Eliminate or neutralise Hamas (and other groups fighting to destroy Israel) and rebuild Gaza as a peaceful nation. Israel would be delighted and would even help, and the blockades and walls would fast disappear. RODNEY BROOKS Wanaka

Arabs attacked Jews

The Press; January 2, 2008 ; 96 words ......ignorant or terribly biased. His conclusion that "a single state is the only path to peace" shows his hatred for Israel, as he surely knows that a one-state solution means Israel's destruction as a Jewish state. RODNEY BROOKS Wanaka More letters A12


Mister Brooks, get it right:


We may say the same about other irate commentators who bitterly denounce Arabs for drawing a parallel to the 1967 war, condemning as well the "gullibility and ignorance" of TV anchormen and journalists who allow them to speak such nonsense (Henry Siegman, Executive Director, American Jewish Congress); in both cases, Siegman explains to these gullible fools, "Arab countries invaded a peaceful neighbor without provocation," though "the primary aggressors" in 1967 "were Egypt, Syria and Jordan," not Iraq. The Times editors added their endorsement, denouncing Moscow and other miscreants for trying to "legitimize Baghdad's argument that its takeover of Kuwait is in any way comparable to Israel's occupation of the West Bank," a gambit that is "absurdly wrong and diversionary" because the occupation of the West Bank "began only after Arab armies attacked Israel." It is not even controversial that in 1967 Israel attacked Egypt. Jordan and Syria entered the conflict much as England and France went to war when Germany attacked their ally Poland in 1939. One might argue that the Israeli attack was legitimate, but to convert it into an Arab invasion is rather audacious -- or would be, if the practice were not routine

On June 5, 1967, Israel launched a pre-emptive attack against Egypt's airforce.

"I, as an international lawyer, would rather defend before the International Court of Justice the legality of the UAR's action in closing the Strait of Tiran than to argue the other side of the case, and I would certainly rather do so than to defend the legality of the preventive war which Israel launched this week." Roger Fisher, The New York Times, June 11, 1967

"Even if Israel had expected Egypt to attack, it is not clear a preemptive strike is lawful. The UN Charter, Article 51, characterizes armed force as defensive only if it is used in response to an "armed attack." Most states consider this language to mean that a preemptive strike is unlawful. India, for one, asserted in General Assembly discussion of the June 1967 hostilities that preemptive self-defense is not permitted under international law. Most authorities agree with that view, though some say force may be used in anticipation of an attack that has not yet occurred but is reasonably expected to occur imminently. Israel did not face such a situation. John B. Quigley, The Case for Palestine: An International Law Perspective,M1

Israel's then-Prime Minister, Moshe Sharett, wrote in his memoirs that the Israeli leadership's military strategy aimed at preventing the emergence of any genuine Arab military force capable of confronting Zionist schemes, noting that for this to succeed Israel would have to fight at least one war every decade against the Arabs. In other words, the Israelis were preparing for the 1967 War a decade in advance, putting together the military apparatus and rallying the political support they needed, while the Arabs -- both leaders and nations -- were busy searching for a project, an identity, and a place under the sun. Al-Ahram Weekly Online, 21 - 27 June 2007, Galal Nassar

"Nasser had no intention of striking first and the Israeli generals were confident of victory... For the Israeli hawks, the crisis was less a threat than an opportunity - to smash Nasserish Egypt and the Pan-Arab movement while Israel still had military superiority." Hinnebusch, Raymond. The International Politics of the Middle East. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2003. p. 169.

"Johnson told Eban that it was the unanimous view of his military experts that there was no sign that the Egyptians were planning to attack Israel.." (Shlaim, Avi. Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World. London: Penguin Books, 2000. p. 239)

"[When meeting with Eban,] Johnson asked Robert McNamara to summarize the findings of US intelligence agencies. McNamara said that the best judgment in Washington was that an Egyptian attack was not imminent: if this assessment was wrong and Egypt did attack, the view in Washington was that Israel would easily prevail" (Bailey, Sydney. Four Arab-Israeli Wars and the Peace Process. London: Macmillan, 1990. p. 211)

What is this NAZI bullshit? Like little children.
How can these israel friends harp on about nazi crimes
which we so infinetly worse than anything else in history.
The only crimes that come close are the millions that
were murdered by the british empire and the USA
over the years. Read about Smedley Butler

to get the idea.

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according to KBRM these whackos published PAID ADVERTISEMENTS
in New Zealand newspapers:

.Nazi. Israel: The Big Lie

by Kirsty Walker

In recent days it has not been uncommon to hear Israel compared with Germany's Nazi regime of the 1930s and 1940s, to hear Arab Palestinians likened to European Jews of the Nazi era and the Gaza Strip equated with the Warsaw Ghetto. Although likening Israel to the Nazi regime is calculated to be the most offensive accusation that could be levelled against Israel, an honest comparison demonstrates that this charge against Israel is groundless.

What is Nazism? The term .Nazi. comes from Hitler's National Socialist Party, which ruled Germany from 1933-1945. German Nazism was an ideology of racial and cultural superiority and was marked by three main evils.

First, Nazi Germany was a dictatorial police state that used propaganda and intimidation to indoctrinate and control the German people. The Nazis had a vision of a racially .pure. .Third Reich. that would last a thousand years.

The second evil was territorial expansionism, beginning with the acquisition of the Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia and culminating in the invasion of most of Europe.

The third, and worst evil of all, was genocide, committed on a scale never before seen in modern human history. Six million Jews and millions of Poles, Gypsies and Slavs were systematically murdered, along with other people considered by the Nazis to be political and racial .undesirables.. Nazi concentration camps have become a byword for horror and sadistic brutality.

Is Israel .Nazi.? None of these evils exist in the modern state of Israel. First, Israel is not an ideologically driven police state. There are no charismatic dictators and no secret police to intimidate and control its population. Israeli citizens, drawn from a diverse range of ethnicities, political persuasions and religious traditions, are given equal status under Israeli law. Israel is an .ordinary. democratic country in an extraordinary political environment; the most open democracy in the Middle East, with more political freedoms than are found in many countries.

Second, although some Israelis would like Israel to control more land, this is not government policy. In 1948 the Jewish state accepted the portion of land it was given by the United Nations and has not initiated any wars to expand this territory. Territorial expansions occurred in 1948 and 1967, but only as a result of wars in which Israel defended itself against nations that sought to annihilate it. Retention or occupation of land following a defensive war is not unusual historically. Some territory, such as the Golan Heights, was won and has been retained for defensive reasons. More recently, Israel has relinquished control over land, namely the Gaza Strip, rather than expanding its territory.

Third, Israel has never attempted to commit genocide against any ethnic or religious community anywhere. Although the Gaza Strip and the West Bank are governed by organisations whose stated intention is to replace Israel with an Islamist state, Israel's military actions in these regions, however controversial, are not undertaken with the intention of committing genocide against Arabs. Rather, they are defensive actions, intended to protect Israelis from terrorist or military attack.

Warsaw in Gaza? The Warsaw ghetto was a sealed section of Warsaw in which Nazis imprisoned unarmed Jews, prior to transporting them to the Nazi extermination camps. In the last days of the Warsaw ghetto, the few Jews who remained alive resisted their Nazi captors, yet were systematically hunted down and murdered.

Hoping to trade .land for peace., Israel withdrew its settlers and military forces from Gaza in 2005, leaving it to be governed by the Palestinian Authority. Following Israel's withdrawal, Hamas and other Palestinian militants in Gaza launched thousands of rocket and missile attacks against Israel. In an attempt to stop these attacks against Israeli civilians, Israel began a partial blockade of the Gaza Strip.

This blockade was nothing like recreating the Warsaw ghetto: Gaza retained its independent border with Egypt, Israel did not force any Palestinians to move to Gaza, and Israel did not attempt to exterminate the Gazan population. Even if one considers Israel's recent military action in Gaza, whatever the rights and wrongs of such an action may be, it was not an attempt at genocide. Unlike the Jews of the Warsaw ghetto, Gaza's Palestinian population still exists.

Today's Nazis? Although Israel does not meet the criteria of being a .Nazi. state, there are other political forces in the Middle East that bear more than a passing resemblance to Nazism: ideologically-motivated Islamist organisations that are committed to expanding their territory, destroying the Jewish state, and exterminating Israel's Jewish population.

Hamas is such an organisation: an ideologically driven regime, portraying their Islamist vision as superior to other cultures and religions. Having used the democratic process to gain power (as did Hitler), Hamas used intimidation against its own people to consolidate its hold on power, even murdering members of the opposition Fatah party following the election. Palestinians who resist Hamas' attempted control over every aspect of their lives are persecuted.

Hamas is unashamedly expansionist. It does not subscribe to a two state solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict; rather, Hamas' primary goal is to replace Israel with its vision of an Islamic state. Other Islamist groups, such as Hizbollah, share this goal.

Like the Nazis before them, Hamas and its supporters are committed to the extermination of Jewish men, women and children. They employ a programme of extreme anti-Semitic propaganda in Palestinian schools, print and television media. This propaganda is not limited to Gaza, but is also produced and distributed throughout the Palestinian Authority and the wider Middle East. This use of propaganda to engender a hatred of Jews echoes the anti-Semitic propaganda the Nazis employed with catastrophic consequences.

Why Israel? Given the parallels between extreme Islamist organisations and the abhorred Nazi regime, one can only wonder why it is Israel and not the likes of Hamas that are charged with Nazism. Why is the Jewish state isolated and described (libellously) as a powerful fascist .Zionist entity., instead of being recognised as the specific target of attempted Islamist genocide?

Perhaps the Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels had the answer: .If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.. Hopefully the world has learned enough about Nazi hatred not to swallow the lie this time.

Kirsty Walker, a former Wellingtonian and secondary school teacher, is currently a Waikato based member of Kiwis for Balanced Reporting on the Mideast (

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