Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chomsky Quote

The issue is much broader. It's whether we
want to live in a free society or whether we
want to live under what amounts to a form of
self-imposed totalitarianism, with the
bewildered herd marginalized, directed
elsewhere, terrified, screaming patriotic
slogans, fearing for their lives and admiring
with awe the leader who saved them from
destruction, while the educated masses
goosestep on command and repeat the slogans
they're supposed to repeat and the society
deteriorates at home. We end up serving as a
mercenary enforcer state, hoping that others
are going to pay us to smash up the world.
Those are the choices. That's the choice that
you have to face. The answer to those
questions is very much in the hands of people
like you and me.

105. Noam Chomsky-Media Control-1991 (61:46)

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