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USA is promoting terrorism - INdia

This from a CITIZENS JOURNALISTS CJ magazine from I N D I A ...

Who owns the media, who controls it ?
'Media Control', a book by Noam Chomsky raises a number of questions about the manner in which media functions. It tells how the media decides agenda for 'We the people' and makes us think in a certain way much to the detriment of common good..
CJ: Nikita Garia ,
Fri, Jul 31, 2009 12:20:48 IST

THE BOOK 'Media Control' by Noam Chomsky opens up a can of worms and touches issues, which were till date not in the public domain. The book by Chomsky is intriguing as it raises a plethora of questions in the minds of the reader.

'Media Control' is an eye opener, a rude shock which makes us realise, how we have been reduced to puppets in the hands of the so called .specialised class.. The book gives an insight about how the media is being controlled by a few privileged ones. How they take undue advantage of the masses and pull a curtain over the viewers. eyes.

The book also dwells deeply upon, how the reality is being manipulated by the superpowers and people are being shown what .they. want us to see'. After reading the book, it seems that I have just realized how the people are being mislead through widespread propaganda.

The .specialized class. is the decision makers, who run the political and economic system of a country. They staunchly believe that the masses need to be controlled, their freedom curtailed; for they are stupid and would do more harm than good. It is these people, who subjugate us and want us to be mere spectators.

The book also outlines, how in 1960s there was a renaissance and people started participating actively in the political arena. For the 'Specialized Class' this was a so called .crisis of democracy..

Efforts were than made by them to revert the people back to their state of inertia and obedience. They have succeeded, though partially. Their success can be attributed to the extreme propaganda that they have unleased. It has been used again and again to brainwash the people. This is a serious breach of law!

The US being the ultimate super power has no doubt utilized, this tool of .propaganda. to the maximum extent possible. It has controlled the media and has .made. people to believe that it is waging a war against terrorism. Whereas in reality it is rather .promoting. terrorism. It is appalling to see the way America has used its media power to achieve its malicious ends.

It has exploited the weak nations for its petty gains and blinded the people through its propaganda. So much so that none questions the US for its wrongdoings. For instance, their attack (2001) on Afghanistan was just a way to establish their monopoly over the country. It was a war without an ounce of evidence but no one raised their voice, thanks to their .propaganda.! The Taliban was later ousted only as a justification for the war.

The dictum seems to be that whatever the US does is right, even though its actions may cause more bloodshed than .real. terrorism. For example, a bombing in Beirut killed eighty and wounded more than two hundred fifty people outside a mosque. But, its not terrorism as the CIA and British intelligence organized it.

It has even infiltrated the UN which has now become a functionless organization at least when it comes to the US for it never pays heed to the UN Security Council authorisation. It happened during the Israeli atrocities on Lebanon, which were wholeheartedly supported by the US though thousands of people died, while terror, loot and crime engulfed the whole country. It even boycotted the Fourth Geneva Convention, which was to be held to observe international peace. Such acts only escalate the ever growing terrorism rather than repress it.

After establishing its control over a number of countries, the US has recently been forcing India to let go off its Non-Alignment policy for the reason that today all nations are linked to one another. As in words of Condolezza Rice, Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) has lost its meaning for, we are aligned to everyone.

If India abandons this policy, then it might lose its power of independent decision. Little wonder that India did not submit to the US for no one can dictate to us. US probably saw in India an emerging super power and was trying to subvert it.

The US has wisely used .propaganda. in its own interest. Even the September 11 attack on World Trade Centre (WTC) was so hyped that the people forgot that the US has been far more cruel to others in the name of their .war against terrorism.. Sure enough, this is conventional hypocrisy..

Another case of recent propaganda has been Haneef.s case. A section of media had already declared him a .terrorist., even before the court.s statement. There was a lot of hype over an .Indian. terrorist. Also, there were protests against Haneef.s detention and the people of India showed their support willingly and blamed the Australian government for being insensitive towards him.

His 25-day ordeal was exaggerated to a great extenet but there was little protest, when senior journalist, Iftikhar Gilani, accused of being an ISI spy, was put behind the bars for seven months before being declared innocent. The people did not react in his case, probably because of the lack of media propaganda. There surely is hypocrisy in this!

Finally, I would say that the media plays a crucial role in influencing our thoughts and opinions. It must not be enslaved by the superpowers. Last but not the least, I would say that it is the moral responsibility of every journalist to enlighten the people and not misguide them.

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