Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Boston Globe - Israel's fear

The Boston Globe

What does Israel have to fear? May 22, 2010

Why is Israel, with one of the most powerful militaries in
the world, so afraid of 81-year-old professor Noam Chomsky
visiting Gaza?

I have heard him speak on occasion and always found him to be
mild-mannered, even if condemning murderous policies. He does
not wave his fists or issue a call to arms to his audiences.
Chomsky.s criticisms did not bring down past US
administrations, even when the United States dropped more
than 7 million tons of bombs on Vietnam . a war he vigorously

In recent months, Israel has also refused entry to Princeton
professor Richard Falk and South African Archbishop Desmond
Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Both were going to visit
Gaza or the West Bank to investigate conditions there.

This is not a one-time flap, but a consistent and expanding

If Israel.s policies are indeed justified, why do they fear
eminent international figures traveling to Gaza and the West
Bank, and what are the conditions in these places?

Thea Paneth, Arlington

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