Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dennis Lopez speaks to the media whores.

Letter to the editor, MAINE HERALD, July 2010

This newspaper and other media outlets don't give alternate views a fair shake.

The job of a good newspaper, of good journalism, is to oversee authority and protect the public from the distortions and lies fed them by the government and the business community.
Homo economicus.  The Market is right, even if distorted against the third world. 

It is not to act as a mouthpiece for corporate capitalism. We are so sick of "the business model."

Isn't this the model that, with its Wall Street cronies and corrupt public servants, has devastated our economy, putting 8 million out of work? Started two unwinnable wars that have dragged us in to the worst national deficit ever? Ruined our landscapes with ugly big-box stores, and created gross obesity with zillions of fast-food places? Brought tobacco death and has the gall to ration health care to those able to pay? Is fast debasing this divinely given planet, our only home?

And finally, been the model that may well end civilization as we know it through rapid climate change?

How can the paper's managers sleep at night? What's wrong with you?
Weapons of Mass Deception

Contrary to supposition, not all Mainers are free-market capitalists, rabid Republicans or hard rightwingers. Most of us, I trust, are middle-of-the-roaders who want, above all, prosperity and peace. Conservative ideals provide for neither.

Come election time, the lower 30 percent of voters -- under-educated, prostrate, pro-military, homophobic flag-wavers all -- are summoned to the Republican side of the aisle through a series of distortions and plays upon their innate bigotry.

Media whores. The brothel for corporate opinion makers. Perception Management for Money.

Hot-button issues, completely superfluous, such as gay rights, abortion, flag-burning, prayer in schools and other such nonsense "issues" are thrown into the public fray, in hopes of gaining
the votes of those about to be fleeced by predatory capitalism.

If you are truly open minded, how about a piece by Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn (RIP), Nomi Prins or Naomi Klein?

Why do we have to go to obscure TV stations to hear the truth? People aren't as stupid as you think.

One expects this sort of bias from the national media (Fox and CNN make most of us puke) but when Main Street turns against its own, we're really in deep doo-doo.


Dennis Lopez is a resident of Rockport.

Ethics ethical moral morally investment investing shareholder value media corpoations michael parenti tuc radio john ralston saul mandela ghandi helen thomas Thomas apologized for saying Jews should "get the hell out of Palestine" and go back to Germany, Poland  or the U.S., but that wasn't enough for her Hearst Corp. bosses, her press room colleagues - or the White House.
Another View: Free-market capitalist model not worth promotion in press

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