Thursday, October 7, 2010

Chomsky in TURKEY this weekend

Chomsky, Falk in I.stanbul to press for free speech

Renowned linguist and political thinker Noam Chomsky and international law professor Richard Falk will be among participants of an international gathering convening in I.stanbul this weekend to promote freedom of expression.

Participants of the event, the 7th Gathering for Freedom of Expression, will also attend today the first hearing of a court trial where two journalists face criminal charges for a two-volume book they wrote on the Ergenekon case.

Journalists Ertug(rul Maviog(lu and Ahmet S,?k are charged with violating a gag order on the Ergenekon case, which is investigating the shadowy Ergenekon group that is accused of plotting to overthrow the government and creating favorable circumstances for a military coup. The journalists say the investigation into them was initiated on the very same day as the book, which totals 1,128 pages with both volumes combined, was launched. .The reading speed of the public prosecutors really surprised us, and I asked them to teach me how to read that fast,. Maviog(lu told Today.s Zaman in an earlier interview.

Two days of academic panel discussions will be held at I.stanbul Bilgi University on Saturday and Sunday as part of the 7th Gathering for Freedom of Expression, which is being hosted by the Greater I.stanbul Municipality and backed by I.stanbul Bilgi University. Chomsky, a professor of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), will speak at the opening session on Saturday and give a more lengthy address on democracy and rights in the new world order on Sunday.

08 October 2010, Friday


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