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PAT TILLMAN - killed b4 meeting chomsky

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us soldier want to see chomsky.  bang bang bang
- killed by friendly fire, shot three times in the head
- bullet holes were tight and neat
- wound entrances appeared as though he had been shot with an M16 rifle
from fewer than 10 yards (9 m) away
# There has never been evidence of enemy fire found on the scene, and no
members of Tillman's group had been hit by enemy fire.
# The three-star general, who withheld details of Tillman's death from
his parents for a number of months, told investigators that he (the
general) had a bad memory, and could not recall details of his actions
on more than 70 occasions.
# Army attorneys congratulated each other in emails for impeding
criminal investigation as they concluded Tillman's death was the result
of friendly fire, and that only administrative, or non-criminal,
punishment was indicated.
# Army doctors told the investigators that these wounds suggested murder
and urged them to launch a criminal investigation.[34]
# It has been revealed that there were never-before-mentioned US snipers
in the second group that had encountered Tillman's squad

These are a host of files related to the death of Pat Tillman. This includes:

-Statements from his mother and brother
-News articles from ABC News, the AP, Sports Illustrated, and others (a URL is usually supplied at the top of the document)
-Army docs (from their "investigations") from the archives

I hope that these can be of practical assistance.

AAR-ReportGuy-OtherInjuriesFriendlyFire.pdf    485.41 KiB
APJuly2007.rtf    5.9 KiB
ESPN-CptDavidUthlaut.rtf    10.45 KiB
InspectorGeneral.pdf    6.22 MiB
JakePlummerSI.rtf    11.92 KiB
MaryTillman.bmp    668.3 KiB
Medic-HeadInjuriesOnlyProb.pdf    199.57 KiB
PatAndMarieUgendi2002.bmp    366.19 KiB
PatTillman'sDeath.rtf    58.29 KiB
PatTillman-MotherStatement.rtf    7.99 KiB
PatTillman.rtf    175.63 KiB
PatTillman3.rtf    63.85 KiB
r1960728030.bmp    265.54 KiB
SaundersPerjuryRedacted.bmp    988.18 KiB
SuspiciousDeaths.doc    24 KiB
Tillman-GregBaker.bmp    140.33 KiB
Tillman.bmp    152.4 KiB
Tillman2.bmp    282.57 KiB
TillmanBeret.bmp    362.16 KiB
TillmanBros.jpg    64.88 KiB
TillmanBros.rtf    8.25 KiB
TillmanBros3.bmp    314.12 KiB
TillmanCollege.bmp    225.51 KiB
TillmanCollege.rtf    10.29 KiB
TillmanFamily.jpg    52.58 KiB
TillmanFamily2.bmp    399.61 KiB
TillmanFamily3.jpg    55.73 KiB
TillmanHandstand.bmp    475.54 KiB
TillmanNYTimes.rtf    12.45 KiB
TillmanSI2006.rtf    65.96 KiB
TillmanSideline.jpg    30.31 KiB
TillmanStudy.rtf    52.22 KiB
TillmanThrowingRockCenter.bmp    155.09 KiB
TillmanWatermelon.bmp    289.21 KiB
Torrent downloaded from    47 B
Truthdig - Reports - After PatGÇÖs Birthday.htm    97.88 KiB

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