Friday, June 11, 2010

The Shortwave Report - Korea Sub Electric Cars

From CHINA- Two stories from CRI's special programming for World Environment Day on June 5th. As the need for electric vehicles becomes more obvious, much of the world looks to China for development and production. Carbon capture is a method of sequestering carbon dioxide from gross polluting power plants, but how dangerous is this approach?
From NETHERLANDS- Radio Netherlands has eliminated shortwave broadcasts to North America. The decision is based on their surveys that find very few listeners in N America. If you ever listen to RN on shortwave, please let them know- by email to or send them a letter to Radio Netherlands Worldwide, PO Box 222, 1200JG, Hilversum, The Netherlands.
Concerns of a worsening recession in Europe are growing. Tens of thousands of workers in Spain have gone on strike to protest public sector wage cuts. European countries are preparing to return Afghan child refugees to Kabul, but human rights groups have serious concerns.
FROM GERMANY- The United Nations Special Investigator looking into extrajudicial killings has called for an immediate halt to the CIA's drone strikes on suspected Islamic militants.
From CUBA- The war on Afghanistan has entered its 104th month, making it the longest war in US history. Amnesty International released evidence that the cluster bombs that killed 55 in Yemen was from the US. 80 countries are meeting in Chile to expand the ban on cluster bombs which the US refuses to sign. A 14 year old Mexican boy was killed by US border guards on Monday. An update on Israel's blockade of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.
From RUSSIA- Russian experts have found no proof that North Korea sank a South Korean warship in late March. The US and South Korea are preparing to launch major war game exercises in the Yellow Sea, in response to the alleged torpedo attack that North Korea denies. The Council of Europe is moving forward on an investigation of a conspiracy between pharmaceutical companies and officials of the World Health Organization concerning vaccines for the H1N1 flu epidemic.

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"Nationalism is a set of beliefs taught to each generation in which the Motherland or the Fatherland is an object of veneration and becomes a burning cause for which one becomes willing to kill the children of other Motherlands or Fatherlands."
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