Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ANTI CHOMSKY - finally!!!

Chomsky is right on the button so often,
it is his dilligence and hard work on the fact
coupled with just plain common sense that
makes it a PATH TO FOLLOW.

In other words: make the effort and read to
elighten yourself, but never loose the moral base,
common sense!

Of course being a linguist will help in the
speed of DECONSTRUCTION (of the lies of the powerful)
and help in the TRANSMISSION of your thoughts,
but just being informed ... will do.

Hint: listen every weekday to www.democracynow.com
and read globalresearch.ca and wsws.org and
www.chomsky.info and you have much accomplished.

Chomsky is often 100%. But he is human, too.
For example he does not comprehend the 9/11 inside job
or the assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK (CIA jobs).

well, that's ALL the critique that ever stuck IMHO.

The faurisson affair and other attempts to smear Chomsky
have all failed, and only propagandists pull them out of
the drawer these days.

Here is a new one... lets see:

The Left at War Michael Bérubé. New York Univ., $29.95 (352p) ISBN 978-0-8147-9984-0

Fresh off the 2008 election and anticipating an ascendancy of leftist thought and political success, Bérubé (Rhetorical Occasions), cultural studies and literature professor at Pennsylvania State University, provides robust intellectual arguments for how to reshape leftist thought into a powerful, constructive and measurably successful political philosophy.and how to mitigate the damage caused by the .Manichean. left: notably Chomsky and other members of the hard left whom he disparagingly describes as ready to sympathize with .any 'anti-imperialist' who comes along to challenge the Western powers, from Milosevic to Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.. He provides an assessment of Chomsky's appeal and a balanced critique of Chomsky's failings, juxtaposing him with Stuart Hall, who brings what Bérubé believes is the necessary nuance to leftist thinking. Bérubé forthrightly identifies himself as a social democratic leftist, and his effort not only identifies left-wing excesses and elevates its more viable and strategically sound currents, but puts critical thinking back into vogue on both sides of the political spectrum. (Nov.)

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