Monday, September 12, 2011

Chomsky Iceland, short and to the point.

Noam Chomsky in Iceland: Compares Nixon and Kissinger to bin Laden

chomskyThe renowned American linguist Noam Chomsky gave a lecture in
Iceland on Friday September 9. Professor Chomsky began his lecture by
saying that in two days we would remember September 11, a terrible
crime that had been committed with cruelty.

"But it could have been worse", he said according to He added
that terrorists could have succeeded in blowing up the White House,
kill the president and put in place a terrible military junta, which
would have killed thousands of people and get a group of economists,
the boys from Kandahar, to ruin peoples lives.

Chomsky continued that this sequence of events was not imagination. In
reality, he said, this was an account of Latin America and an event
that was often called the first 9/11, when Americans deposed Chilean
President Salvador Allende in 1973 and replaced him with General
Augustos Pinochet. The 'boys from Kandahar' is a reference to the
Chicago economists, including Milton Friedman, who gave advice to the
military government of Pinochet.

Chomsky said that the US had unilaterally taken the right of a
superpower to influence world events as the pleased. Their own
behavior was subject to a different criterion than that of others.

"Let's imagine, that on the tenth anniversary of the first 9/11, a
group of people would have been sent out to murder Nixon and Kissinger
and throw them into the ocean. Would that have been applauded? That's
what they did to bin Laden after he was taken, unarmed and
defenseless", Chomsky said.

The lecture was held in a packed Háskólabíó, a movie house that holds
one thousand people. Professor Chomsky was in Iceland on the
invitation of the University of Iceland, which is celebrating its
centennial. Chomsky is a professor emeritus at MIT in Boston and is
known both for his theories in linguistics and for his outspoken
criticism of US politics. He is 82 years old.

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