Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chomsky Fromm Preis - corporate media

terror! it is amazing how we are docile in the face of
the wool being pulled over our eyes :-)

I think most people are not fit to rebel.

The media-PR is drumming the sense out of them.
I should really stop listening to corporate news.Radio New Zealand, BBC
all purveyors of the Mental conditioning.. the constant repeat of
untrue concepts... like that we are fighting terrorism.
Imagine if the news would say:

"Again, today, remote flying killing-robots controlled from Nevada have
violated the airspace of another nation and slaughtered 20 people that
were on a "to be killed" list, prepared by unelected lords.
The corporate doctrinal system in a million messages on thousands
of channels has bombarded the populations world-wide with a
hammering of doctrines that they are fighting terror. Despite the
blatantly obvious fact that terror is not fought but created,
and that being the original intend behind these crimes,
the unelected powers that order the murders go unpunished.

corporate-media: US moves closer to 9/11 trial in New York

Obama having the US military top-secret 911 perpetrators
by the balls. He may not survive this.

corporate-media: Israel pays UN $10.5 million over Gaza damage

But is that progress?

corporate-media: Israel has always denied deliberately firing on UN property during the

Israel is deliberatly attacking Gaza, but not responsible.

The 2010 Erich Fromm Prize endowed with 10,000E goes to the linguist and political intellectual Noam Chomsky


The celebration will take place in the New Castle of Stuttgart. Chomsky himself will present the Fromm-Lecture entitled: "'The evil scourge of terrorism': Reality, Construction, Remedy".

THIS will be interesting

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